Pyramids Poultry

Established in 1980, Pyramids Poultry is among the oldest poultry and feed companies in Egypt. The company operates in several sectors, mainly the feed sector with the brand name of Pyramids feed for Poultry, and Shahd for the poultry sector. In 2019, the merger with Cairo 3A Group resulted in creating the largest integrated entity in the Egyptian poultry industry.

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Tea made from best-quality leaves, grown by professionals and processed to meet consumers’ needs.

Feed and Raw Materials
We provide a variety of poultry and livestock feed, as well as feed materials including high quality corn and soy.

Farms and Slaughterhouses
The company has its own farms, which guarantees quality products all year round.

Some of our clients in the commercial sector of Pyramids Poultry

Production Chains

We apply quality standards in all stages

Pyramids Poultry provides the best internationally applied quality standards across all production cycles in order to provide consumers with high quality products, including chicken, oils, tea, frozen vegetables and other products.