High Fat Soy Meal

High Fat Soy Meal
Extruded and Mechanically Pressed

ExPress® Soy Meal Overview

ExPress® Soy Meal is one of the biggest technological developments in the feed industry. The company manufactures ExPress® Soy Meal to provide high quality feed raw materials free of chemicals for all kinds of cattle and poultry.

Why ExPress® Soy Meal?
- Higher crude fat gives higher energy that can be used as a major source of protein and energy.
- High efficiency digestion of amino acids Enhances immunity against disease because it contains natural antioxidants.
- High shear dry extrusion breaks down complex carbohydrates and reduces viscosity in the intestines.
- High shear dry extrusion deactivates trypsin inhibitors, leading to higher protein digestion efficiency and greater benefit.
- High percentage of digested protein and bypass protein in ruminants.
- Increase the milk yield of cows and maintain a high level of fat in milk.
- Improve the rate of feed conversion in livestock and poultry and increase weight gain.
- Increase egg productivity and egg weight in poultry.
- It eliminates the addition of oils in feed, because it contains natural and pure crude oil which is more efficient in digestion and free of chemicals.
- Improves feed pellet binding and pellet quality.

Weight Analysis :

 -44% Crude Protein.   - 7.5% Crude Fat.      3300 Metabolisable Energy (K.Cal / kg).