Feed and Oil Factories

Kafr Al Gabal Feed Factory - Giza Governorate

The factory has two production lines with capacity of 21 Ton /hr of poultry feed production and 4 Ton /hr concentrates production.

Sadat Feed and Oil Factories - Monofeya Governorate

The feed factory in sadat city has an operational production line with a capacity of 65 Tons /hr and another production line under construction to expand the production capacity up to 100 Tons /hr. In addition to that there is a production line with a capacity of 3 Tons /hr of Full Fat Soybean Meal. Currently under completion the following production lines, ExPress Soybean Meal production line with capacity of 18 Tons /hr, Soybean oil by mechanical pressing with production capacity of 50 Tons /hr, Oil refinement production capacity of  120 Tons /day and an oil bottling line of 15,000 bottles /hr.
Sadat Feed and Oil Factories are one of the top most advanced automated factories, producing the best and finest quality products in Egypt. These factories will be operational during 2016.